Homemade Cakes & Hot Puddings.
Grandma Junes Kiosk
Pier Rd, Whitby
North Yorkshire YO21 3PU
We open at 10am
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Our mum decided to open Grandma Junes kiosk here in the heart of Whitby, she originally decided to retire but after 6 months mum became restless and decided she would like a new adventure. So back in May 2016 she became the proud owner of one of the new kiosks here in beautiful Whitby overlooking the Abbey next to Captain Cook's sailing ship.
Our mum doesn't know about this web site we have done it as a surprise for her and to tell the story of how Grandma Junes kiosk received its name. Family has always been very important to all of us and this is our story.
Grandma June was my mum's mum who sadly passed away many years ago. Our grandma was so funny, she would always have her little sayings a bit like our mum, she would get names of food muddled up too, and her Quiche Lorraine was always known as a Quickie Lorraine. Our Gramps would always come home from work to a hot meal on the table; he loved her cooking especially her liver and onions with thick gravy and mashed potatoes with a side helping of cabbage.
Mum would always tell stories about her childhood how she would pinch all the dripping and have it on toast which she cooked on the open fire then deny it was her that had eaten it all up to my gramps.
Grandma June would always be in the kitchen baking and was famous for her roast dinners and Yorkshire puddings, her Yorkshire puddings would rise to the top of the oven, this is something our mum has inherited unfortunately it skipped a generation with my sister and I as mine really do look like pancakes, they need syrup not gravy.

We have always been a family who loved to cook; growing up mum was always in the kitchen making her famous beef and vegetable stew with dumplings and homemade meat pies. She always believed in her vegetable dinners with her thick gravy she would make with all the juices from the veggies. Every year mum would make our birthday cakes; she would make two cakes a Victoria sandwich with blackcurrant jam and a 2 tier chocolate cake, guess which one was my favourite? It’s also my aunt's favourite too. When we would have a party or go to the zoo and take a picnic mum would always make this amazing cheese and onion Quiche and to this day it’s still my favourite.

My sister Leigh just loves mums Yorkshire puddings and always gets mum to make extra so she can put jam on them when they go cold, she says it reminds her of our childhood.

It’s amazing how we all remember back to being children and our favourite meals and traditions this is why our mum wanted to do something different here in Whitby, she wanted to do that old fashioned hearty meals just like she would make us when we returned home from school and what our Grandma used to make her and our Uncle David when they were younger proper hearty meals and homemade cakes.
So in honour of our Grandma June we decided to name the kiosk after her and all the delicious meals and cakes she had made us over the years, so in a way our kiosk is dedicated to all the Grandmas out there, we thank you all for teaching us how to bake and to happy memories.

We hope you have a wonderful time here in Whitby and can you remember your favourite dishes your Grandmother used to make you.

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